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Tsukishima-sama... -Velma voice form the musical, Chicago-
omg this tumblr. made my day.

Awww! Well, thanks! We’re happy that it did! We’re happy to make things for all of you, actually. We have to keep up with everything and it makes us happy to know it makes someone at least happy. ^_^

-Admin Daisy

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Who needs Taco Bell? Taco Aizen, Mmm! You just can't get enough!

-infomercial voice- Coming to a city near you...

Ichigo, you derp.

Yet, fangirls love you like that.


Hi! We now want to welcome you guys to a new affiliate~!

FuckYeahBleachMemes is run by a few of our members and is a blog about….well Bleach memes! Pretty much, if you are in the mood for random funny Bleach crap, it’s the blog to follow!


~Admin (Kira-Chan)

Same could be said about SoulSocietyRPCommunity! The Admins and the roleplayers themselves are very friendly people, always having each other’s back when needed and their quality role playing is impeccable! If you’re one of those people who’d enjoy to be a part of the role playing community, go check out their blog! Many spaces and major characters are open for you to obtain~!

Thank you!

Admin Daisy~

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Yes, Ratchet. Ass. Hoe.

Because these hoes need to learn that one does not simply touch Uryuu Ishida’s shoulder.


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Mhm. Don't mess with that Quincy ass. References made to: Ratchet Girl Anthem.

As requested by tsuubaki. You can find the original here.

Hi, your blog is wonderful, ahahah! Please, could u post your sidebar pic? omg, IT'S AMAZING, I think my won't find peace til i'll see it bigger. thank you! xD

Thank you so much! It means a lot! And yes, I shall post it momentarily!

Arigatou, once again!

-Admin Daisy~

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If you don't believe us, ask Ichigo and Uryuu.